Welcome to HFR Market,
where we are committed to helping Busy Moms like you find healthy meat they can trust so that they can finally find peace of mind at dinner.

Have you ever run out of time to cook a healthy meal before getting the kids off to their extracurricular activities?

Well, that is where our story begins. Just like many of our best customers, we understand what it is like to feel the guilt of yet another fast-food dinner. That is why in 2021 we launched HFR Market after being in business as a family farm known as Harris Family Ranch. With a few acres, just as many animals and a lot of hard work we were committed to doing things the right way.
Today, we are recognized as the leading farm-to-table meat producer our customers have grown to know and trust. At HFR Market, we are committed to pasture raising, low stress handling, and excellent husbandry. We don't believe in the cruel treatment, feedlot environment, or unnecessary hormones or antibiotics you will find in most available sources. We believe this is essential for providing a quality product that is healthy and healing for families and the environment.
We are proud to be a part of the farm-to-table movement! We want to be able to offer our customers the highest quality meat. It's perfect for families who appreciate convenience without sacrificing their health. Full of mouth-watering flavor with every forkfull. Many of our customers have found our products filled the freezer with the highest quality and healthiest beef. You will too!
We hope that you will join us in our mission to fight for the honor of beef. Let's take the control and money out of the hands of the big box beef companies! By supporting our farm and sharing your experience with friends and family you can help us and all of our customers win!
Thank you for choosing HFR Market! We look forward to serving you and bringing you along in our farm journey!
Located in the small Northeast Texas town of Pittsburg, HFR Market is owned and operated by the family members of the Harris Family Ranch, a 5th generation cattle ranch.

History of the Ranch

The Ranch Property is combined inherited property that originated from Land Grants and Purchases made by John A. Efurd, Thomas Steele, and Roy Harris.

Shortly after the Civil War, around 1868, the Efurds moved to Texas from Alabama and settled the land in the community. In the beginning, cattle was not the primary crop of the land. It was mostly substance farming, growing cotton, peas and other crops for sale, and raising hogs for meat, making them the epitome of “poor dirt farmers.” Cattle became the primary land crop when Knox Efurd, son of John A. Efurd converted the land to pasture land.

Thomas Steele, owned the land “across the creek to the south” from the Efurds. His daughter, Ethel, married Knox Efurd. The Steeles could also be considered “poor dirt farmers”. Ethel inherited land from her father upon his passing.

Knox and Ethel Efurd raised three children on the land. Charlene, their oldest daughter, married Roy Harris.

In 1959, Roy Harris bought what is now the majority of the Harris Family Ranch using a Veteran’s Land Board Loan. His was basically a “hobby farm” and he raised cattle from the start.

Roy & Charlene’s boys were raised working the ranch and raising and caring for cattle of both their grandparents’ and parents’.

Roy and Charlene's youngest son, Kyle, his wife Gayla, their oldest and youngest sons, Chase and Tyler respectively, took over the ranch operations. Chase and his wife, Halee, and Tyler and his wife, LeAnna, are raising their families on the family ranch.